And so the first thing that pretty much every nurse did, was hold the patient’s hand to comfort them. Human gesture – which made the fabulous two-handed data input completely impossible. So, the thing that we designed, much less sexy but much more human and practical, was this. So, it’s not a Palm Pilot by any stretch of the imagination, but it has a thumb-scroll so you can do everything with one hand. So, again, going back to this – the idea that a tiny human gesture dictated the design of this product. And I think that’s really, really important.

We wrote a book recently, I think you might have received it, called “Thoughtless Acts?” It’s been all about these kind of thoughtless things that people do, which have huge intention and huge opportunity. Why do we all follow the line in the street? This is a picture in a Japanese subway. People consciously follow things even though, why, we don’t know. Why do we line up the square milk carton with the square fence? Because we kind of have to – we’re just compelled to. We don’t know why, but we do. Why do we wrap the teabag string around the cup handle? Again, we’re sort of using the world around us to create our own design solutions. And we’re always saying to our clients: “You should look at this stuff. This stuff is really important. This stuff is really vital.” This is people designing their own experiences. You can draw from this. We sort of assume that because there’s a pole in the street, that it’s okay to use it, so we park our shopping cart there. It’s there for our use, on some level.

And, again, as designers, we wanted to make this thing incredibly beautiful and spend a lot of time thinking of the form. And that was completely irrelevant. When you put yourself in the position of these people, things like the fact that this has to be able to fold up and fit on a bicycle, become much more relevant than the form of it. The way it’s produced, it has to be produced with indigenous manufacturing methods and indigenous materials. So it had to be looked at completely from the point of view of the user. We had to completely transfer ourselves over to their world.