Interview with Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple Computer

So when I got my computer built, the Apple I, I just took the terminal that I already had. It was a shortcut computer; it was not designed to be an efficient computer from the ground up—that was the Apple II. This one was: take the terminal that I already have that works on my TV set and has a keyboard. And then I said, “All these computers are coming out and they’ve got switches and lights and look like airplane cockpits, and they’re just like the one that I built 5 years before”—Cream Soda Computer we called it. And I said, “That was just too slow and sloppy. It was neat to have a computer, but it didn’t do what I wanted to do. I want to write a program in Basic; I want to type in a game and play it; I want to write a program that solves my simulations for my work at Hewlett-Packard.” (I used their big computer. They had a minicomputer that was shared by 40 engineers so you’d sign up for time on it.)

Lovely interview with Steve Wozniak.