I started to think about how microformats fit into the picture. Now that we are able to retrieve a full XHTML webpage with Safari on a mobile device, we are also able to retrieve microformatted data. What does this mean in terms of how we add contacts to our address book, add events to our calendar or find a location on a map? It sounds like the processes can be streamlined. With hCard we can add a new contact (including a photo for quick recognition!) or find out the location of a business with Google Calendar. With hCalendar we can add an event to our calendar (assuming the calendar supports adding new events). All of this can be possible without typing anything or syncing data from our Mac/PC. Of course all of this is theoretical, but imagine how easy organization will be. It will be exciting to see if microformats ever make it to consumer devices for purposes such as this.


I also think microformats will play a big role in the web on mobile devices.