Who Is Really Hurt by Apple Rumor Site’s Closure?

t’s easy to see the imminent shutdown of Think Secret, the Apple rumor site, as a victory in Apple’s war against leaks and a deterrent for others who want to report aggressively about a company.

The site’s closure is part of a settlement of a suit that Apple filed in 2004 in an effort to stop Think Secret from publishing what it called trade secrets. In March 2005, Think Secret responded by filing a motion under a California doctrine that is meant to prevent baseless lawsuits that inhibit free speech. These are known as anti-Slapp laws, short for Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation. The case has essentially been on hold since then, with all hearings postponed.

“We mounted a very aggressive First Amendment defense,” Mr. Ciarelli said. “Apple basically took no action to move the lawsuit forward. It is because they knew they were going to lose.”


I think it is a shame that Think Secret shut down.