How To Design Interfaces From A User Experience Perspective

First and foremost it helps to get a small list of ideas related to the design. Which interfaces are expected to be used the most? Out of those interfaces which items would get the most attention? Problem solving is about creative thinking and learning how to make a game plan(or change plans at the last minute). If you can have a list of priorities it’ll force the layout to fall into place. You’ll see a general roadmap between interactions that get the most attention from users.

Regardless of your design strategy it’s crucial to implement user experience right from the beginning. Think about the easiest, simplest way to accomplish something and follow that path.

You’ll also learn about competing websites or applications that may end up with a similar market of users. It’s not helpful to recreate an existing app, so take what’s good and try to expand it with your own design work. Generally speaking users want something that’s new yet still feels comfortable and familiar.