Let me tell you couple of words about my pre-startup, full time UX Manager job: My user experience design team was constantly occupied with lots of tiny tasks focused on the optimization of the User Interface. Believe me it was not something you could brag about during a family dinner (hardly noticeable things aren’t particularly admired). We were performance-obsessed. We measured thoroughly what and how our users do and we tried to make every small fragment of the UI optimized.

It required a lot of scientific-like approach – very methodological and precise. And yes! There’s more math and analytical thinking than visually appealing stuff. That’s the reality. The Dark Side. That’s the real User Experience Design.

User Experience Design lies at the crossroads of art and science. It’s a magical mixture of visual art, hard-boiled psychology and numbers. Non of these nobel ingredients can be omitted, as it may put your whole design endeavor at risk.


I don’t agree with the term ‘Dark Side’, all the testing and more testing to improve conversion rates sounds boring.