Everything looks similar

Every interface looks similar.

Sameness clearly appears in more areas than just user interface design. It’s happening in all creative disciplines. To give an example: the apps displayed before were probably designed in studios that look similar to the ones pictured below.

Some of us will probably try to challenge the constraints and provide an answer that is nowhere near the frame. It may feel extremely creative but it won’t address the needs very well. It’s going to be a bad solution.

What happened in the thirties? Harry Beck. Beck brilliantly designed a new kind of map for the London Underground. First introduced in 1933, the map focuses on what matters most to people using the Underground: the tube lines, stops and exchanges. Beck also added the river Thames to the map, an important point of recognition for most Londoners.

Globalisation in design ensures that good ideas like Beck’s subway map or Marcotte’s responsive design concepts, spread super fast. Today, all of us have access to the same cultural references at the same time, wherever we are in the world. That is of course a good thing.