Privacy Is Hard and Seven Other Myths

Nobody at the turn of this century, except perhaps a few die-hard civil rights activists, expected privacy to become such a dominant news item a decade or so later. But after the Snowden revelations, the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and many other incidents and data breaches, tech companies have finally come under growing scrutiny. Hardly a day goes by without yet another news story covering how this or that company tramples our privacy in such and such ways. As a result, legal protection of privacy has started to improve. Unfortunately, this has so far not really led to any significant changes in the way technology is designed and used. Apart from isolated efforts and fringe services offered by enthusiasts, the bulk of the services we use are still privacy invasive at their core. As the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to suddenly do everything online, we were forced to grab the first tools we could find. Alas, the privacy invasive ones were closest at hand. This needs to change.