You spend this kind of money, cut cords, and pay extra for ad-free services. But ads are still forced down your throat in the TV UX.

It’s incredibly frustrating because the UX is already fairly complicated. It’s easy to click on stuff by accident, and content that you don’t want also auto-plays. I have ADD, and I’m 52 years old; I don’t have patience for this crap. Just give me my Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and the over-the-air TV tuner, and leave me the heck alone. Please, Samsung.

It’s ridiculous that you can spend this kind of money on a product, cut cords, and pay extra not to have ads on certain services, and then have them forced down your throat in the TV UX.

Maybe Apple’s Apple TV 4K is expensive for a streaming box, but do you know what? I only get to see what I want to see in its UX. So I’m keeping it connected, even if it duplicates all the streaming app functionality in the TV itself.

We should not buy smart tv’s. Buy a dumb tv/display and hook it up to a streaming box, like an Apple TV. Streaming boxes keeps them selves better secure and updated then smart tv’s. Plus having a choice how the UI and UX of your tv is important.