The mastermind behind Apple’s most iconic products reveals how his design philosophy guides collaborations at his creative collective, LoveFrom.

Ive is sitting in the garden of a Pacific Heights carriage house high in the San Francisco hills, a building he converted into a private studio and occasional crash pad for friends. Ive designed nearly every indoor and outdoor element of this deceptively simple space, down to the gray marble bathroom sink and the garden’s round, rough-hewn stepping stones.

“Obsessive,” Ive calls himself, half joking. Entering his domain is like walking into a Gesamtkunstwerk (a German term for “total artwork”), something that arts and crafts movement founder William Morris might have created, but for a 21st-century Englishman who loves music, French-inspired gardens, Zen Buddhism and classic cars. One gets the sense that Ive created the space in part to prevent the pain of seeing anything he might deem poor design. “It’s very good for thinking,” he says.

In Ive’s 55 years, he’s filled piles of sketchbooks with door handles, drills, landscape plans and AirPods, almost all with his trademark rounded corners, as though he wants to buffer the world against its harsher edges.

“Language is so powerful,” Ive says. “If [I say] I’m going to design a chair, think how dangerous that is. Because you’ve just said chair, you’ve just said no to a thousand ideas.

An alluring interview with Jony Ive by The Wall Street Journal. Interesting read!