Boredom is the biggest driver of fatigue, which eventually leads to drop off. Even if you just “look boring” on page load, you can be losing opportunities from inflated bounce rate.

Loaders are probably the most important opportunity you have to retain someone’s attention and lessen fatigue. Users expect to wait a little bit for certain things - how they wait is up to you.

With Slack - A random team members “Quote of the day” will be a loading overlay until the app is done rendering. This loader is engaging, sincere and gives you one of those small moments you like using Slack for.

For a luxury ride share app, go back to the middle ages. Overlay your signup form inside a castle on top of a mountain in the background scene. Animate a horse and carriage making its way up a long and windy ravine. Theme the sell like “A travel experience fit for a King”.

If it’s a food delivery app, every time a chicken dish is added - animate one that’s still alive to run across the screen. If it’s a dating app and they swipe left a lot, use funny notifications to poke fun at their high standards.