Steve really ingrained in the company in the early days the importance of privacy. It has only grown with every year that has passed since then. In 2010 I think it was and he put it in such eloquent and simple terms, it means asking people’s permission, asking them repeatedly. It has been at the heart of how we view privacy. We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. We see a world were privacy takes a back seat and you have this sort of surveillance kind of mode everywhere, hat this is a world were people do less and think less, they begin to alter their behaviour because they know they are being watched. This is not a world where any of us want to live in.

People should own their data and they should make their own decision, so what we believe is that people should be empowered to be able to make that decision in a really straightforward and simple manner.

Apple should own it’s primary technologies. You should own the customer experience in total.

For us in our practice of design it think care is very often felt and not necessarily seen. I think the three of us feel strongly about that that sort of care that is what steve talked about. You know the carpenter that would finished the back of the drawer. And it is taht you are bothered beyond whether something actually publicly seen, you do it not because there is an economic interest, you do it because it is the right moral decision. Particularly as a designer I think it is very often the very small quiet things, like how you package a cable. Steve worried about it a lot as well.

I think that way the process tended to work was there was thinking which is why being intentional about your thinking and being very self-aware. From your thinking ideas emerge, I mean Tim and I talked about so much was the nature of ideas, ideas are fragile, they are not resolved.

I almost never link to videos on YouTube, but this video is worth watching. Remembering Steve and talking about his core values that still exist today inside Apple, but also in the people who knew him.